How to Keep a Child Car Seat Dryer While Potty Training

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This tip helps to absorb moisture if a urine "potty training accident" occurs while child is in the car seat. All you need is a child in training, a diaper, a pair of scissors, a car and car seat!


  1. Lift up the car seat pad at the bottom seat area.
  2. Place a diaper under the pad.
  3. Place the pad back in its original position. This will help absorb the fluid that flows. It may not catch every drop, but is pretty likely to almost eliminate any liquid from getting on the seat of the vehicle.
  4. Place the pad back in its original position.


  • When placing the diaper, depending on the seat, you may need to cut a small slit in the diaper at the secure lock latch area. If so, make sure the slit allows for the restraint belt(s) to lock properly.
  • After a trip in the car, make sure to check the seat for absorption. Lots of diaper products are very absorbent and depending on the length of the ride, you might miss the successful accumulation! *Remember to remove the diaper when it becomes soiled.
  • Wash the seat pad as necessary if it does come into contact with urine!


  • Make sure your car seat is securely in the designated area in the car. Do not jeopardize the safety aspects of how the seat needs to work by placing the diaper anywhere that interferes with the seats intended function.
  • Carseats are engineered to have exactly the right amount of padding to reduce injuries to your child during a collision. Any modifications made between your child and the hard plastic of the carseat can jeopardize your childs safety!

Things You Will Need

  • diaper
  • scissors
  • car seat

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